Mother working 2 jobs acts weird: She calls in sick but boss’s intuition makes him drive to her house

Cassie was the most loyal worker Peter DeRosa ever had. When she didn’t show up to work one day, Peter became worried. He visited her home to conduct a welfare check that day – you won’t believe what he found!

We’ve all heard about the dozens of cases of Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and other pizza parlors going to check on the welfare of their best customers after they didn’t place orders that submitted day after day after day to their favorite pizza delivery spots.

Most of them involve those curious pizza delivery people finding their most regular customers in bad health, seeking the assistance of ambulances and emergency rooms to nurse them back to health, and happy endings.

Many of us are similarly familiar with stories of reliable employees failing to show up for work, only to be visited at home by their employers. In cases that end well, employers are able to seek healthcare assistance that ultimately nurses their star workers back to tip-top shape.

The story of Cassie Camilo, a mother who reliably worked two jobs for nearly two consecutive decades, is similar to these.

Cassie Camilo was born in Brazil. Unable to source a lasting position at a reliable employer that paid a respectable wage, Cassie emigrated to the United States soon after she became an adult.

Even though Ms. Camilo had two kids at the time of her departure, she made the tough decision of seeking work in the United States so she could send enough money back home to her family in Brazil. Cassie planned to fly her children to the U.S. once she saved up enough money to do so.

Peter DeRosa, a U.S. citizen, crossed paths with Cassie soon after she landed in the States. DeRosa, an entrepreneur, hired her to work at his restaurant. He even helped her find another job.

Cassie worked hard at Peter’s restaurant and never missed a day of work. DeRosa heard through the grapevine that she slaved away similarly at her second job, refusing to lay off work even when she was sick.

After Cassie didn’t show up to work one day, Peter visited her home and found a deathly-sick Cassie Camilo. If Peter hadn’t have taken her to the doctor, she might have died, says the physician who saw Cassie after Peter found her withering away at home.

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Hero lyft driver calls mom at 3AM, tells her to ‘bring a blanket’ for baby he found in freezing cold

What does it mean to be a hero? Is it about doing things that are dangerous? Is it about standing up for vulnerable individuals? Is it about speaking out against injustice? Is it a combination of all that and more?

No matter what your definition of the word is, it would be very hard to argue that the Lyft driver in this story is anything less than a hero.

On a frosty trip home from driving for the ride-sharing service, at 3 A.M., Ashton Mazyck of Worcester, Mass. noticed something unusual outside. A small child, only two years old, was outside in the unbearable elements.

What’s more, she didn’t have any means of warmth, lacking a coat or even a pair of socks to cover her feet, which were further harmed by making contact with the rough ice as well as the salt that had been laid down.

She was visibly upset, as anyone in her situation would be. Mazyck was heartbroken by seeing a small child in such a tragic situation. He knew that he couldn’t just go home and try to shake this off.

Mazyck approached the girl and brought her into his car, making sure that she was comfortable. Upon arriving home, he instructed his mother to retrieve a blanket. The two of them worked to bring as much warmth to her as possible.

The fact that this young girl had to experience such trauma is absolutely terrible. But the existence of people like Mazyck and his mother can remind us that there is still hope in the world. It comes in the form of people who refuse to stand by and see neglect as the norm.

When we let the most vulnerable members of society be mistreated, we let evil win. The only way to fight evil is with goodness.

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How quickly can you spot the missing number? Not many can do it in under 10 seconds

Our brain often plays tricks on us when we are looking at groups of numbers because it assumes that they are in consecutive order. Are you attentitive enough to notice the missing number in the below series?

Could you do it? I bet it was harder than you thought!

Here is the solution:

BUT, did your brain stop working there or did you notice a second missing number?

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To identify it’s real owner, judge judy lets dog loose in courtroom to choose for itself

Many recognize Judge Judy as a stickler for logical and objective reasoning – analyzing the accounts of the plaintiff and defendant in order to find truth and justice.

With this in mind, it may come as a surprise to many that a woman with such a reputation would place her verdict on the judgment of a dog.

The case, revolving around the custody of a dog, aptly named Baby Boy, seemed simple enough; the plaintiff claiming that the pooch was his, while the defendant insisted she had purchased the dog off the street for a mere $50.

Skeptical of the evidence provided by the defendant, which included a stack of photos and paperwork, Judge Judy seemed to be a bit on the fence about the truth regarding Baby Boy’s owner.

The infamous judge relied on the loyalty of the man’s best friend to help her decide the verdict, as she asked the defendant to bring the dog into the courtroom and set it on the floor, so it was free to roam and ultimately display its love and affection towards the real owner.

Immediately, the pooch ran to the plaintiff — without hesitation. The Judge then granted the plaintiff permission to take the dog home, as the case truth seemed evident.

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Woman makes incredible gown for ball but only when she spins can you see the real transformation

Wearing a gown to a ball sounds like a fairytale fantasy for lots of women but for Ivy Thompson this actually did happen to her.

There was a masquerade ball that she heard about in Seattle that inspired her to take finding a gown into her own hands and create one that encompassed both wonder and enchantment.

But there was another element to this gown that made it interesting for all that saw it.

So how did it all begin? You would never be able to tell but she had not had any special training in sewing when she started working on this design for the ball.

She had only grown up watching her mother and grandmother sewing. She was influenced by their sewing and was also inspired by a visit to Disney where she saw a performance of Cinderella.

What she was able to make by herself was really quite magnificent.

She surely had to do a lot of work to create her concept, a gown that turned into a butterfly in moments!

She included a snap panel and some laces, and there you have it, her concept brought to life.

With a tug of a cord on her silver dress, she is able to become a gorgeous butterfly, very intriguing for the eye to see and I’m sure a standout.

The transformation that happens is like magic. If you watch the video, you’ll see her gown morph and understand how it all works as Ivy explains.

The twirling she does emphasizes how she pulls on the cord and the dress changes and how remarkable the transformation is.

A masterpiece made of fabric is one way to describe Ivy’s creation. She’s even planning to start taking sewing classes now after the response she got about the gown.

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When flash mob suddenly starts performing stunning cover of „sound of silence” audience is deeply moved

While Simon & Garfunkel may have produced the original version of „The Sound of Silence”, listeners all around the world were impressed when Disturbed covered the classic in their own haunting way.

While the song may be beautiful, it’s not the type of song that most people would think of when they hear about a flash mob forming.

Fortunately for us, this is exactly what happened during the SWR1RP Hitparade that took place in Germany earlier this year and it was all caught on video!

A man strolled onto the stage with an electric keyboard in hand while the actors continued playing their parts, albeit slightly confused.

The mystery man began playing his keyboard while another made an appearance on stage from behind the backdrop.

The man from the backdrop opened his mouth and began singing Disturbed’s version of „The Sound of Silence” in a way that made everyone stop and listen.

As his deep, rich voice rang out over the crowd, more people started joining in to form a harmony.

At first, it a group of men that were standing by the balcony before more men started participating who had been waiting among the crowd during the performance.

As more and more people began harmonizing and creating the beautiful melody, the whole crowd stared completely awestruck by what they were witnessing.

The haunting rendition of the song can be seen in full in the video and the reaction from the crowd is almost as fascinating as the flash mob performance itself.

Some of them decided to join the flash mob themselves and started to sing along! It turns out that the group responsible for the once in a lifetime performance is known as PopCHOR and they first got started around the year 1910.

They love performing in public and the people watching enjoy it just as much.

The video is truly incredible to watch and you can just imagine how it must have been to be in the audience. While they may not have expected the performance, it definitely did not disappoint!

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Single mom is forced to tell her son she is dying after battling aggressive cancer

Naomi Knighton was a teenager when she started to have problems with colds and throat infections.

This single mom from the UK is now 26 and as her mother watched her getting sick so frequently, she took her to the doctor. The doctor gave her the worst news she could ever receive, her daughter had a rare form of leukemia.

In an effort to prolong her life, she underwent two bone marrow transplants. On January 11, however, her doctors once again gave her bad news.

They told her that if she didn’t take a strong dose of chemo and steroids, she would be dead within weeks. This isn’t only a problem for her, she also has a 6-year-old son named J’varn.

That is when she made the decision that all of us would make. She went through with the treatment to stay around just a little longer for her son. Kirsty, her sister was there with her when she received the news:

“They said she had two choices. She could stop everything that day and let it be. But the doctor said it would be quick as it was very aggressive.

He said we would be talking weeks, not months. The option Naomi chose was to buy some more time.”

It was time that Naomi needed to get her little boy ready to live life without her.

“J’varn took it really well on the day she told him,” Kirsty said. “He accepted it. I think, in a way, because she’s always been poorly he’s used to her being in and out of hospital. That has sort of helped him.”

Kirsty added:

“It’s heartbreaking. We have watched her go through so much and we always assumed she would get through it because she always has managed to get through – and she’s so strong.

There have been times that the doctors have been surprised when she’s got through it. She always pulls through against the odds.”

Funds are now being raised for Naomi’s funeral. She would like to be buried in a white coffin and have a beautiful headstone so her son could feel comfortable when he went to visit.

It is also hoped that her story will raise awareness of stem cell donations. Naomi did have a donor but it wasn’t able to save her.

The following is from her GoFundMe page:

“My sister Naomi is 26 years old. She was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia as a teenager and she has battled against this for years. Naomi has already undergone two bone marrow transplants.

Unfortunately, we have been told there is nothing more that can be done for Naomi. Her leukemia is back five months after her last transplant. We have been told its very aggressive and resistant to all treatments given.

We have been told to prepare for the worst. Naomi has a six-year-old son too. As a family, we are heartbroken for our beautiful Naomi, who has battled for so long and remained so strong throughout it all.

Our aim is to raise money to carry out her final wishes and give her the send of she deserves. Also as a family, we would like to raise awareness on becoming a stem cell donor.

It’s hard to get cell donors in the UK, as there are not enough people prepared to donate their cells. Naomi has had a donor from Germany previously.

So we’re urging people to look into the Antony Nolan project and become a stem cell donor. It really can save somebody’s life.”

Our thoughts go out to Naomi and for the comfort of her little boy during this difficult time in their lives.

Scientists say that being forgetful is actually a sign of higher intelligence

If you are one of those who keeps forgetting mundane things that people usually like to remember, now it’s the time to know that you can be rather proud of this. And if you feel like you don’t have to know everything, your brain strongly agrees.

Remembering has always been perceived as the strongest of mental traits. However, researchers from the University of Toronto say that forgetting is as important as remembering.

The paper published in Neuron focused on several studies that analyzed the neurobiology behind remembering and forgetting. It turns out that these two processes interact with each other, allowing for “intelligent decision-making in dynamic, noisy environments.”

The author of the review study, Professor Blake Richards, explains that the real purpose of memory is the optimization of decision-making.

The brain achieves this by filtering out irrelevant details and holding on to things that will contribute to intelligent decisions in the real world.

‘Bad memory’ in this respect is actually a mechanism in the brain which serves to quickly make space for relevant information and not allow the brain to waste energy and space remembering the mundane and trivial information.

‘Facts,’ are not what the brain perceives as facts. The brain focuses on creating a general picture of the events or a simplified version of some information, which could serve as a means to making better decisions later.

This means that learning by heart, something which is impossible for the ‘forgetful’ ones, is not something the brain would do gladly for you.

The more you forget such ‘facts,’ the more your brain works in adding the most relevant information from them into a more general picture, and thus a more keen perception of reality.

Professor Richards explains that “one of the things that distinguishes an environment where you’re going to want to remember stuff versus an environment where you want to forget stuff is this question of how consistent the environment is and how likely things are to come back into your life.”

To put this into perspective, Richards explains that information that is easily accessible, like facts you can find on Google or phone numbers, is not something your brain is likely to remember. Instead, the brain will free this space up to store information that is truly necessary to remember.

He also suggests that we should do a regular ‘clean-up’ of our memory. You can do this by going to the gym or doing other types of physical exercise regularly. “We know that exercise increases the number of neurons in the hippocampus,” he explains.

The increase in neurons in the hippocampus will erase some memories, but don’t worry – your brain knows what you need to and what you don’t need to remember.

Not only will your brain free up space for new and valuable information, but it will also reclassify the already existing one so that it serves a better purpose in your decision-making.

“You don’t want to forget everything, and if you’re forgetting a lot more than normal that might be cause for concern,” he says. “But if you’re someone who forgets the occasional detail, that’s probably a sign that your memory system is perfectly healthy and doing exactly what it should be doing.”

So, being the forgetful genius is not bad after all. Who cares about the lyrics of that song?

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Woman humiliates her fiancé after finding out how much her ring cost

Before popping the big question, a man first needs to ask himself how much is he willing to spend on the engagement and wedding rings.

And while some think proposals shouldn’t be about the expensive jewelry, others claim the wedding ring cost should amount to between one and three-months salary.

Recently, one woman who probably agrees with the latter has decided to humiliate her fiancé online after he disappointed her with a too small of a diamond and wedding ring price.

In an anonymous post on MumsNet, she ranted about the $1,674 cheap wedding ring as if it was a plastic toy.

However, the majority of MumsNet readers condemned the woman for her materialism, saying the guy that chose to spend the rest of his life with her should seriously rethink his options after this humiliating story.

Scroll down to check out her message and tell us your thoughts in the comments. (Cover image: Courtney Barrett / Hawaii Jewelry)

One woman was expecting sympathy for having to wear a ring she didn’t love

So she went online to humiliate her ‘cheap’ husband-to-be

But it seriously backfired both on MumsNet forum and on Facebook

And the post has since been deleted

23-year-old becomes a father and grandfather in the same day by adopting his 17-year-old cousin

Every once in a while, a story crosses your path that is so remarkable it takes your breath away.

Sure, there’s a lot of fascinating stuff on the internet — like talking cats, haunted mansions, and square-shaped dogs — but nothing compares to stories like this.

Tommy Connolly was a regular college student. He studied hard, hung out with friends, and worked part-time. When he wasn’t in class, he was training to be a champion sprinter.

But with one Facebook message, Tommy’s whole life was forever changed. Now, he’s supporting a daughter and a grandson, and still working hard to earn his degree.

His story is so moving, it’s taking the internet by storm. People are so touched by Tommy’s tale that in just 18 days, they’ve raised over $40,000 to help support him.

What do you think of this young man’s story? I think it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard.

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Tommy Connolly was a 23-year-old college student, athlete, and part-time worker when his whole world changed.

Without any notice, he became a father — and seven days later, he would become a grandfather.

It all started when Tommy received a Facebook message from his cousin, 17-year-old Angela*.

In the years since they’d seen one another, Angela had struggled through tragedy.

After battling addiction and dropping out of school, Angela found herself pregnant, homeless, and without family.

She reached out to Tommy in an act of desperation.

* Angela’s identity has been concealed for legal reasons.

Tommy didn’t think twice. Without Angela even asking, he picked her up, brought her home, and legally adopted her.

He wanted to make sure she could “keep the baby, stay off the streets, and have a better life.”

A week later, she gave birth to a son.

Tommy did homework in the hospital while she recovered.

Now, while Tommy continues his studies, he works full-time to support his new family — and he does so happily.

“It’s not her fault,” Tommy said of his cousin. “She’s just a little girl who needed help.”

While news of Tommy’s generosity has spread worldwide, he remains humble and unimpressed with his deeds.

“I know what I’ve done is a really good thing, but I feel guilty I’m getting all this attention,” he said.

He doesn’t consider himself a hero, and he hopes more people will help others when they can.

“If it’s one or two years of my life I have to put on hold, to make sure two lives are going to be saved, it’s nothing at all.”

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